About Lashell's Bedsheets & Comforters



Established in 2007, Lashell's Bedsheets & Comforters is the product of a woman entrepreneur, Lashell Booker, who shared a vision of building a successful bedding company that was beautiful, accessible, and fun!

With an eye on innovative designs, Lashell's Bedsheets & Comforters has evolved into a lifestyle brand that includes chic bedding, curtains, mirrors and a collection of scented candles for every room in your home.

In addition to her passion for bedding decor, Lashell Booker have always put her customers first and continue to strive to provide the best service possible.

Lashell Booker invites you to visit her Bedding Boutique in Dallas, Texas and meet the team. They are always happy to see you and hope you will enjoy browsing the unique bedding, curtains and candle selection.




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